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The Sovereign Nation of Arista
14 December 2009 @ 05:02 am
"You walked right into that one, Quin," Dru said.
Quin looked at the board as she took his tile and laughed. "I did, yes. I promise it was an accident."
"Better have been." All the Boys knew better than to poison Dru's victories by not trying.
They continued to play, Dru scrutinizing at length and Quin always giving the board just one good look before quickly and cheerfully moving a piece. His speed had nothing to do with his opponent's age; Quin simple believed a latrones game was not meant to be stared at.

As she slowly slid her own to pin him again, Dru narrowed her eyes at him for neglecting such Serious Business. "Quin, the point of latrones is to not let your pieces get cornered," she said authoritatively.

Quin smiled. "Dru, you're a great player, and probably a smarter person than me, but the point of latrones --" And he made his own move, cornering her in turn. "Is just to take more than you lose."
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
04 May 2009 @ 04:47 pm
Khil, Les, and Max, Aristan Foundlings, age 11, walked side-by-side in the marketplace, their steps matching so perfectly one would never think that just a few months before, the physicians had said Khil'd never walk straight again. Even the livid-but-not-fresh scars on their right arms matched.

The boys, walking toward a particular stall well within sight of Everyone Else, were engaged in what was now almost a nursery tradition: skateboard negotiation. They wanted to get a good one tah wouldn't break easy. That meant they needed more of them in on it. Which might make it good to get a big one to accomodate different sizes among the others. And should they get one of the planks of wood with six clay wheels attached instead of four?

There was another boy at the stall, and a bored-looking woman several yards away watching him. The Boys couldn't prevent three identical slight-eyebrow-raises. Was that gold in the other boy's amulet? Who did that? Seriously?

And then he opened his mouth, and they knew who did that: somebody they'd heard about from a few of the others. He thought he was Funny.

Les and Max each grabbed one of Khil's wrists, because Khil was impulsive, before answering, in extremely bored Surround-sound tones. "Wouldn't know. Never met her."
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
01 April 2009 @ 03:31 pm
Today is the festival of Aphrodite-Venus. It's a Girl's Holiday. There's flowers and feminine things.

In ten days, another April Holiday honors Asasarame-Pallas-Athene-Minerva. It involves, among the celebration and many other things, being terribly smug about being Aristan. Even more so than usual, we mean.

About a ninedays later, there's the Floralia. Again. Flowers.

These are the kind of holidays that should be celebrated in April, people.

What's with this apparent April tradition of making completely nonsensical statements?
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
31 March 2009 @ 03:41 pm
Imperatrix Hypatia Aristana had handled as much business in advance as she could, and briefed her sister -- who was finally finished with a Very Interesting Week -- on various contingencies. And now she was waiting for the young man her namesake among The Boys was so conveniently fetching for today's operation.
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
20 March 2009 @ 01:31 am
If anyone wants to know anything about the current whereabouts of General Marc, he blundered into a LOL. The Guard is running perfectly smoothly, but Her Majesty has ordered the General to confine himself to quarters.

Specifically, her sister's quarters.

While LOLs are, of course, an unfortunate thing, and we in the Foundling Guard would never wish their lingering on an unwilling victim in most circumstances, some of us hope this one lasts a good few days.

This message will delete itself when the General is declared fit for duty again. Should this not work, it's me, sir, Pat. Don't blame Luc.

((Edit: ACK! Attempt to fix a double-posting went horribly wrong. My sincerest apologies for the disappearance of the comments!))
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
25 February 2009 @ 01:32 am
Pat here, working the communication system all by myself, may I add. This is something involving telling people five words you associate with them and then they talk about those words. I was told about this by Metody, who is a fresh, leafy, sweet scholar barbarian.So there.

These were the words. You can tell Metody wrote them because they're all so complimentary. They're...pretty self-evident? But I'll try.
Read more...Collapse )

Addition: From Bella:
Read more...Collapse )

And from Soma:
Read more...Collapse )

And Luc will be allowed to address these from his friend Kage:Read more...Collapse )

And Ms. Altalita Bastion
Read more...Collapse )
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
Very late in the reign of Imperatrix Aurelia Aristana, Pat of the Aristan Foundling Guard celebrated her last Lupercalia festival with a foreign guest, one who'd become a lot less foreign over the decades. She didn't dance quite as she used to, but it was still impressive for a woman of 51. She drank with her younger siblings-in-arms and gave the toast that 'It is sweet and proper to live for your country' with just as much gusto, if not more.

And after she and Metody watched the sun set on the Aristan shore, she insisted on walking him home.
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
13 February 2009 @ 10:54 pm
Pat was at Metody's this lovely February morning with a familiar long tan tunic and a smile.
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
30 January 2009 @ 09:55 am
"With all due respect, sir, you're coming."
"I need to make sure the --"
"Faust and Dom are handling it, sir. They learned from the best. You can't pretend they can't deal with it."
"It's pointless. I happen to know Aurelia has a meeting with --"

And finally, Marc, Luc, and Pat reached the relevant room to find Aurelia standing there with her secretary Ismene. Ismene looked smug. Luc and Pat returned her look more smugly.

Marc's look softened as he stepped forward to take Aurelia's hand. "Hello," he said. "I hope you haven't been inconvenienced." He turned an affectionately exasperated look at His Boys, male and female. "Someday I'm going to get smart and give orders restricting conversation with Ismene."

"But that day's not today, sir?"
A sigh. "No. Excuse us, boys, Miss."

And they quite happily did.

"Aurelia...Carissima, we...we should talk. About a lot of things, but to start with...Councillor Tiro."

"I wanted to talk about Atticus, too!" Aurelia says brightly, but there's something worrisome behind that smile, and something cold rises in Marc's stomach. "I know you voted for him, but lately, has he been some kind of disappointment as a Councillor?"

Marc looks away. "No. He does the job fine." A breath. "You really like him, don't you?"

Aurelia. "I really do. And I'm...I'm very glad to hear you still think well of his abilities. Because..." She hesitates, and his heart almost stops. "Because when Hypatia's....g-gone, I'm thinking of adopting him."

Marc's head swerves to look at her again. He blinks. "I...I think that would be a wonderful idea."

The ensuing conversation. And...other things, proved quite satisfactory all around.
The Sovereign Nation of Arista
02 January 2009 @ 12:42 am
Pat located Metody at his Nexus apartment several hours before Rid's jaw was to be dealt with again. She had a few things with her. Rang the doorbell.